Apollo, graphql, react, express, bootstrap, webpack, babel, sql, universal technologies

The SysGears Team is pleased to announce the availability of Apollo Universal Starter Kit with Hot Code Reload for backend & frontend.

Angularjs, javascript, braintree technologies

During drop in integration of Braintree into Angular.JS application we have faced several surprising caveats. This was the primary reason for current post to be born. We would like to share our expreince and solutions that we've learnt during this process.

Groovy, spring, jsr330, spock, gradle technologies

With the latest performance enhancements and great dynamic, functional and meta-programming features Groovy becomes a very good choice not only for scripting, but also for big and complex application building. Long term complex application development requires extensive unit testing utilization to allow moving forward without breaking existing features. Groovy plays nicely with powerful Spring framework, which can be used to make application easily extensible and unit testing friendly.

Jetty, groovy, groovlets technologies

Several days ago I have a need to launch Groovlets on a web server. I have decided to go with recent Jetty for this task, developed by Eclipse Foundation at these days. It turned out to be non trivial task, but at the end it all worked so I decided to share my experience with you.

Octopress, jekyll technologies

Octopress has generation of per tag index. By default it shows only post title. This works okay, until the moment when you will want to customize category_index.html and try to output some excerpt of post content too. You will face the issue that post content renders incorrectly. This is a problem in plugins/category_generator.rb plugin.