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'GraphQL Subscriptions on WebSockets for Scala applications' post illustration
GraphQL Subscriptions on WebSockets for Scala applications

In this article, we review a simple option to introduce GraphQL subscriptions on WebSockets into your Scala GraphQL API using Play 2, Sangria, and Akka Streams.

'Building REST service with Scala' post illustration
Building REST service with Scala

Enterprise application might be developed using a variety of architectural styles. And REST is one of the most powerful of them. It allows us to build simple, scalable, highly productive APIs with independent components on the basis of widespread standards like HTTP, MIME etc, engaging their true potential.

Let's discuss how to create a lightweight, but full-featured RESTful service from scratch.

'Native 0mq library version for akka-zeromq-2.0.x' post illustration
Native 0mq library version for akka-zeromq-2.0.x

I had a chance to try akka-zeromq module last month in order to implement solution for inter-service communication using Scala, Akka 2.0 and ZeroMQ.