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'Creating paginated archives in Grain' post illustration
Creating paginated archives in Grain

There are very few things in Grain framework that need a detailed explanation except being described in the docs. However, there's one thing, which I really want to clarify in details for Grain users. I wanted to write an article for the people who seek for simple instructions for implementing tasks that require complex manipulation to site pages, like including information from one page to another, creating or replacing pages, etc. As an example, in this guide I will tell you how to create paginated blog archive for your site.

'Customizing the field widget of the Platform UI Grails plugin' post illustration
Customizing the field widget of the Platform UI Grails plugin

Our team is working on a Grails plugin now, which will have UI based on Platform UI Grails plugin. Platform UI plugin allows you to easily configure Grails applications look using different page markups(themes). It provides a bunch of useful UI sets and allows the developers customize application look easily by creating own UI sets and themes.

'Hosting StackMob HTML5 application on Apache Web Server' post illustration
Hosting StackMob HTML5 application on Apache Web Server

Our team had a task to develop complex application for StackMob. During the development we have faced a need to host HTML5 application on our internal server to increase productivity of our QA department. This article explains how one can host HTML5 application on any server running Apache2, provided you have full control on the Apache modules and configuration.

'Custom sorting in Grails' post illustration
Custom sorting in Grails

Hi, guys, today we’re gonna talk about the really interesting and tricky Grails task, implementation of the custom sorting.
It’s a pretty often appearing situation, when you need to sort the list of items, basing on the values that can only be calculated, and that are not persisted in the db.
I know what you might say, - "Hey, why don’t you just use transient properties for that?"

'Spring Security Grails plugin. Quick start and some tips' post illustration
Spring Security Grails plugin. Quick start and some tips

Spring Security plugin is a fast and convenient solution for authorizing user access. Almost every Grails web application uses it. In this article I would like to provide a guide about how to apply this solution quickly, and show you some tips that should be really useful for beginners.

'Geb/Spock functional testing in Grails' post illustration
Geb/Spock functional testing in Grails

At our company’s blog we have already considered many types of the Grails testing. But there are yet one testing type, on which we have to take a look at. In this article we will check out the overview of writing functional tests using Geb/Spock technologies.

'Introduction to Git' post illustration
Introduction to Git

Git is a version control system, that was designed by Linus Torvalds, first released in 2005. In opposite to CVS (concurrent version systems) systems, which in it’s basics have a file as a processing item, in the Git basics lays work with the set of changes, other words, patches. This article dedicated to that persons, that is already familiar with the version control systems, such as SVN, and wants to know more about alternative version control solutions and persons that wants to get a tutorials about quick migration to the Git.

'Filtering user access in Grails' post illustration
Filtering user access in Grails

Today we’ll talk about the ways to filter user access to some controllers and actions in the Grails application. There are few solutions that could be really useful for implementing this task. So let’s look at a quick overview of them.

'Increasing efficiency in Grails' post illustration
Increasing efficiency in Grails

Modern web applications are counting on the big amount of users, so efficiency is a very important aspect of a web development. Today we’ll talk about the ways to increase efficiency of the web application, developed on the Grails platform.