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'Checkout a specific revision with Git' post illustration
Checkout a specific revision with Git

If you have a project and want to checkout specific revision (commit), you can do it as described below.

'How to create remote git branch in IntelliJ IDEA' post illustration
How to create remote git branch in IntelliJ IDEA

To create remote Git branch in IntelliJ idea one should:

'Introduction to Git' post illustration
Introduction to Git

Git is a version control system, that was designed by Linus Torvalds, first released in 2005. In opposite to CVS (concurrent version systems) systems, which in it’s basics have a file as a processing item, in the Git basics lays work with the set of changes, other words, patches. This article dedicated to that persons, that is already familiar with the version control systems, such as SVN, and wants to know more about alternative version control solutions and persons that wants to get a tutorials about quick migration to the Git.