Grails, tomcat technologies

I had an issue with deploying my Grails project to Cloud Foundry with using cloudfoundry-grails-plugin. My application was using Tomcat 7 unlike Cloud Foundry, which use Tomcat 6. In other words, to have a Grails application with Tomcat 7 run, I had to deploy the entire Tomcat 7 directory, but before it should be slightly reconfigured.

Grails, gorm technologies

Assume you have a page with pagination that displays some objects table (selected from DB with GORM criteria) in your Grails application. If you want to know total number of possible results (as if there are no pagination parameters), you can do it in this way:

Grails, html technologies

Our team is working on a Grails plugin now, which will have UI based on Platform UI Grails plugin. Platform UI plugin allows you to easily configure Grails applications look using different page markups(themes). It provides a bunch of useful UI sets and allows the developers customize application look easily by creating own UI sets and themes.

Grails, plugin, configuration, howto technologies

This code snippet shows how to update project configuration settings from a Grails plugin executable script. The script changes the configuration by copying the settings from a default config file, placed in the plugin's folder, to the Config.groovy. This is usually very useful during a plugin installation when you need to provide some default configuration:

Grails, spock technologies

I've faced a problem with unit testing web flow controllers

There's an existings WebFlowUnitTestMixin for unit testing webflow in GDK, but no word on how to use it in the latest Grails 2.2.0 official documentation.