Portlets, liferay, grails technologies

Portlets are pluggable user interface software components that are managed and displayed in a web portal. They produce fragments of markup code that are aggregated into a portal.
There are two specifications of portlets exist nowadays, they are JSR-168 (Java Portlet Api) and JSR-286 (Java Portlet Api 2.0).

Grails, gorm, groovy technologies

Hi, guys, today we’re gonna talk about the really interesting and tricky Grails task, implementation of the custom sorting.
It’s a pretty often appearing situation, when you need to sort the list of items, basing on the values that can only be calculated, and that are not persisted in the db.
I know what you might say, - "Hey, why don’t you just use transient properties for that?"

Hudson, jenkins, grails, continuous integration, testing technologies

Hudson is an excellent continuous integration tool and has become an indispensable assistant in software quality control for many organisations. As for this post I will describe how to couple Hudson and Grails to work in effective synergy.

Grails, spring security technologies

Spring Security plugin is a fast and convenient solution for authorizing user access. Almost every Grails web application uses it. In this article I would like to provide a guide about how to apply this solution quickly, and show you some tips that should be really useful for beginners.

Grails, test technologies

At our company’s blog we have already considered many types of the Grails testing. But there are yet one testing type, on which we have to take a look at. In this article we will check out the overview of writing functional tests using Geb/Spock technologies.