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'Get image dimensions with ng-flow' post illustration
Get image dimensions with ng-flow

This note shows how to get the width and height of an image inside of an AngularJS controller with the help of ng-flow library. First of all, you can get image dimensions by using the Image element constructor and specifying the following onload callback function

'Braintree and Angular.JS drop in integration' post illustration
Braintree and Angular.JS drop in integration

During drop in integration of Braintree into Angular.JS application we have faced several surprising caveats. This was the primary reason for current post to be born. We would like to share our expreince and solutions that we've learnt during this process.

'How to trigger a method with the keyboard shortcut in AngularJS' post illustration
How to trigger a method with the keyboard shortcut in AngularJS

If you are, for example, working on a chat application, one of the features that the user expects is an ability to send a message with a keyboard shortcut. The example of a directive below shows how this can be achieved for Shift + Enter combination:

'Get a base64 encoded image using ng-flow in AngularJS' post illustration
Get a base64 encoded image using ng-flow in AngularJS

Here is an example of how you can get a Base64 encoded image using the ng-flow for the image upload, for instance, if you need to send the image in a JSON request.