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'Hosting StackMob HTML5 application on Apache Web Server' post illustration
Hosting StackMob HTML5 application on Apache Web Server

Our team had a task to develop complex application for StackMob. During the development we have faced a need to host HTML5 application on our internal server to increase productivity of our QA department. This article explains how one can host HTML5 application on any server running Apache2, provided you have full control on the Apache modules and configuration.

'Regression Testing' post illustration
Regression Testing

Regression testing is one of the most frequently used objectives of testing. It focuses on the application retesting after changes are implemented. That changes can be local, - like new features or bug-fixes, or global, - like new business logic implementation.

'How to create your own Grails portlet for Liferay?' post illustration
How to create your own Grails portlet for Liferay?

Portlets are pluggable user interface software components that are managed and displayed in a web portal. They produce fragments of markup code that are aggregated into a portal.
There are two specifications of portlets exist nowadays, they are JSR-168 (Java Portlet Api) and JSR-286 (Java Portlet Api 2.0).

'Agile vs Waterfall Development model' post illustration
Agile vs Waterfall Development model

Development methodology is a framework that is used to structure, plan, and control the development of software systems. Agile and CMMI Waterfall methodologies are very alike and have enough differences to be named differently. Let’s consider the methodologies in detail.

'Easy REST with Spring RestTemplate and JAX-B' post illustration
Easy REST with Spring RestTemplate and JAX-B

Representational state transfer (REST) is a very popular architecture for distributed hypermedia. Lots of different web services expose their APIs in a RESTful manner. It is very convenient when a service of a choice provides a library for its API, but this is not always so. In this case you have to construct valid requests and parse responses by yourself. Assuming that you are familiar with REST itself, I will tell you how you can make your life easier with the help of Spring and Java annotations.

'Custom sorting in Grails' post illustration
Custom sorting in Grails

Hi, guys, today we’re gonna talk about the really interesting and tricky Grails task, implementation of the custom sorting.
It’s a pretty often appearing situation, when you need to sort the list of items, basing on the values that can only be calculated, and that are not persisted in the db.
I know what you might say, - "Hey, why don’t you just use transient properties for that?"

'Groovy's True Object-Orientation' post illustration
Groovy's True Object-Orientation

Unlike Java, which mixes primitive and reference types, Groovy handles everything in common manner — as objects, what makes it truly object-oriented. When a primitive type gets passed into the Groovy world, it is automatically “boxed” into its object equivalent, and vice versa. This allows Groovy to support some interesting concepts like methods on primitives, operator overloading and The Groovy Truth. Let’s look at them more closely.

'Reinforcing Grails Application With Hudson/Jenkins' post illustration
Reinforcing Grails Application With Hudson/Jenkins

Hudson is an excellent continuous integration tool and has become an indispensable assistant in software quality control for many organisations. As for this post I will describe how to couple Hudson and Grails to work in effective synergy.

'Spring Security Grails plugin. Quick start and some tips' post illustration
Spring Security Grails plugin. Quick start and some tips

Spring Security plugin is a fast and convenient solution for authorizing user access. Almost every Grails web application uses it. In this article I would like to provide a guide about how to apply this solution quickly, and show you some tips that should be really useful for beginners.