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'Pagination with Scala and Slick: How to Properly Build Select Queries' post illustration
Pagination with Scala and Slick: How to Properly Build Select Queries

Implementing pagination with Slick is a common task in Scala projects. But it’s rarely obvious how to build efficient queries on the server to get the necessary entities with additional data. Read our article to find a solution.

'Building REST service with Scala' post illustration
Building REST service with Scala

Enterprise application might be developed using a variety of architectural styles. And REST is one of the most powerful of them. It allows us to build simple, scalable, highly productive APIs with independent components on the basis of widespread standards like HTTP, MIME etc, engaging their true potential.

Let's discuss how to create a lightweight, but full-featured RESTful service from scratch.

'Table existence check using Slick' post illustration
Table existence check using Slick

I'm using Slick library in my project and need to ensure that all required MySQL tables are created on application start.

'How to update entire database record using Slick' post illustration
How to update entire database record using Slick

Slick documentation says how to perform update operation for specific column, but doesn't contain any examples of updating entire record.

Below is tiny example of how to do that.