Grails, gorm technologies

This example shows how to use pagination and sorting with many-to-many relationship in Grails.

Groovy, gpars technologies

Gpars (Groovy Parallel Systems) is the best solution for your concurrency problems with mutable objects. Gpars gives you a number of high-level abstractions for writing concurrent and parallel code in Groovy (map/reduce, fork/join, asynchronous closures, actors, agents, dataflow concurrency and other concepts), which can make your Java and Groovy code concurrent and/or parallel with little effort. Gpars is bundled in Groovy starting from version of 2.1.

Mysql technologies

The 'mysqldump' command is used to dump databases managed by MySQL. Let's consider three the most useful cases of MySQL database dumping.

Grails, tomcat technologies

I had an issue with deploying my Grails project to Cloud Foundry with using cloudfoundry-grails-plugin. My application was using Tomcat 7 unlike Cloud Foundry, which use Tomcat 6. In other words, to have a Grails application with Tomcat 7 run, I had to deploy the entire Tomcat 7 directory, but before it should be slightly reconfigured.

Git technologies

If you have a project and want to checkout specific revision (commit), you can do it as described below.