SysGears is a software development company that specializes in creating custom web applications. Our team provides full-cycle development services — starting from research and prototyping, through to design and implementation, testing and optimization, deployment and maintenance. We use Play, Grails, Node.js, React, Angular and GraphQL to create software that meets the highest performance and reliability requirements.
  • Victor Vlasenko

    Scala / Groovy Developer & CEO

    Generates ideas and works on the company development strategy. While dealing with administrative issues, Victor does an amazing job as a lead developer, being a huge inspiration to the whole team. He works closely with the team members, and often initiates discussions aimed at exploring new technologies or brainstorming complex issues.

  • Dmitry Pavlenko

    Scala / Groovy Developer & Technical Lead

    Responsible for architecting and implementing mission-critical software products, adopting new technologies and development tools, training new members for the team. Coordinates the development process on all levels. Dmitriy is passionate about getting the job done the right way, he constantly works on improving our development procedures and methodologies.

  • Oleg Yermolaiev

    Scala Developer & Technical Lead

    Focused on building productive, balanced and scalable systems. Oleg always aspires to find the optimal solution for every task he starts to work on, researching its aspects as deeply as possible in the time available. Responsible for project management and supervision at each development stage. Happy to integrate talented newcomers into the team.

  • Alexander Vetrov

    Lead Scala Developer

    Alexander is a dedicated lead developer, who directs the brainstorming of complex architectural tasks and implements the most crucial parts of projects. Focused on detecting and eliminating all the possible potential risks, he builds extremely reliable solutions. Loves to create high-quality code and design high performance architectures.

  • Alexey Zvegintcev

    Lead Groovy / JS Developer

    Extremely responsible, Alexey ensures the best product quality possible and heads the development of some of our most challenging and demanding projects. Great communicative and interpersonal skills make him an excellent team leader, who is always on top of things, and always happy to help.

  • Dmitriy Drenkalyuk

    Lead Groovy / JS Developer

    Exceptionally fast and effective, Dmitriy is great at solving immediate tasks. Loves to look at a problem from every angle and find out-of-the-box solutions. Ensures clear communication, helps clients to integrate with the development team, directly involves everyone in the team in the decision making process.

  • Evgenij Olshanskij

    Scala / JS Developer

    Evgenij is proficient in both web and mobile development, and effectively uses Scala, Groovy and JavaScript to create web services and hybrid mobile applications. Pays a great deal of attention to management and communication on a project. Great at developing comprehensive, all-around solutions.

  • Mikael Zulfigarov

    Scala / JS Developer

    Mikael is a skillful and creative software engineer, whose main expertise is building web-applications with Scala, Java and JavaScript. Highly involved in creating functional, maintainable, and user-friendly products. Always takes business goals into account and always thinks from the end-user perspective.

  • Yuriy Vasylenko

    QA Engineer

    Yuriy has excellent skills in manual and automated testing. Dedicated and methodical, he approaches every project through a detailed analysis of the functionality and an in-depth research of the business domain. All this, combined with his strong knowledge of test design techniques, helps rise our projects to the highest possible standards.