'Native 0mq library version for akka-zeromq-2.0.x' post illustration

Native 0mq library version for akka-zeromq-2.0.x


I had a chance to try akka-zeromq module last month in order to implement solution for inter-service communication using Scala, Akka 2.0 and ZeroMQ.

The module is built as extension to Akka and based on ZeroMQ bindings for Scala that uses native ZeroMQ library through JNA. It's a pretty good one, but there are no mention in Akka documentation of which version of the native library must be installed to operate properly. Unfortunately, I've faced with the fact that it was written on top of the old scala bindings, that supports only ZeroMQ 2.x. So, if you have the latest available library installed (which is 3.2.2 at the moment) it will not work. You should roll back to the 2.x version of ZeroMQ native library to be able to run your code using zeromq extension for Akka 2.0.

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