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We know how to help your clients with their tech challenges and solidify your tech advisor reputation by studying your client’s pain points and creating turnkey solutions

What we offer

We created the referral program for Advisors, where they are offered a reward for every referred client to whom we provide full-cycle development and support.

Outstaffing Solution

We analyze your requirements and provide you with a team of highly experienced Software Developers, QA Engineers, and Web Designers. You can manage their efforts as a Tech Lead if your client or project requires this.

Outsourcing Solution

We analyze your client requirements and take into consideration your consulting advices. We conduct a thorough research and planning, and then develop the requested solution using our own team and resources.

Referral Program

Why our referral program is the right solution for you


Safe & Reliable

Dozens of CTOs and Business Founders put the development of their projects into our hands, seeing their projects grow over time and evolve into a complete product.



We provide a scalable solution that will stay relevant even when the number of your clients significantly expands and your company grows beyond your initial expectations.



Our referral program helps Tech Advisors get more profit (5% per every deal) without the unnecessary overhead and risks of unsatisfying product quality or missed deadlines.



We create our own high-quality software tools that increase efficiency of startup development by offering ready-to-use modules for common project features, like sign up, payments, and 2FA.



We can quickly add new resources (Developers, QAs, BAs or UI/UX Designers) to the existing development team. Moreover, we can find new resources whenever necessary free of charge.

Case Studies

Projects completed by our team

Key Benefits

Expert Team

Software Engineers in our team know how to approach business requirements and manage project processes, have experience setting up an efficient remote workflow, and are focused on achieving business goals.

Help You Earn

We give to you 5% from every payment for the product development services, so you will be making an extra on top of the fee you charge clients for consulting.

Individual Approach

Our clients can choose their level of engagement in the product development: communicating with the dev team only through a project manager, working with every dedicated engineer personally, or anything in between.

Long-Term Partner

We often work with our clients for years and throughout all development stages ensuring that their products are properly maintained and continue to evolve after the initial release.

Highest Quality Results

You, as a technical expert, can check the open source solutions created by our developers. And many professionals are already relying on our products to develop web and mobile projects.

R&D Specialists

We can tackle tasks outside of the common web development scope, tasks that may often come without an obvious solution, like massive data processing or precise image recognition.

Let us calculate your earnings

You provided a technical consultation and suggested SysGears as a vendor.

After considering project requirements, we have decided to allocate the team consisting of the Frontend Developer, Backend Software Engineer, QA Engineer, Project Manager, Business Analyst, and DevOps.

Business Model

Let's say, the cost of this team is $20,000/month. We provide you 5% payback. Your profit for this one recommendation is $1,000/month.

Our Team

Our development company is not just one of the best development resource shops. First and foremost, we are a team with high development standards, flexible and time-proven processes, and continuous professional development practices. This is all possible thanks to our experts


Alex Periel


A business developer with technical background and many years of experience working with US and EU startups. He has been helping startups to create products from their conception to the first release, and offering his support during their following growth to millions in investments.


Victor Vlasenko


A passionate software developer with 20+ years of experience in cryptography, modular application design, and open-source product engineering. Creator of Apollo Universal Starter Kit, an open-source product for GraphQL, Node.js, React & React Native applications.


Dmitriy Pavlenko


A highly skilled software engineer with 10 years of experience in the industry. An expert in building distributed, scalable, and high-performance web applications and services. Responsible for professional development and training of the engineers in the team.

Client Testimonials

What do our clients think about us?

SysGears has been an amazing partner in getting my project off the ground. Not only are they extremely technically skilled, they have an excellent workflow and are able to think critically about the problems I've been addressing. They're great communicators, reliable, and are able to shift priorities quickly.

Joseph Corey
Founder and CEO at Subspace

Working with SysGears engineers has been a joy. They instantly jumped into our Scala codebase and contributed new and existing features. Communication is excellent but what I value most is their flexibility and great attitude towards a startup like hoolio.

Petros Maragkoudakis
Founder, Emaginal

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