Glace Dynamic Web Flow

Glace Dynamic Web Flow (GDWF) is a Grails plugin that inherits Spring Web Flow paradigms and enables customization of flow steps and transitions at runtime.

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Decentralized Configuration

The decentralized web flow model is a key feature which makes it possible to dynamically change flow behavior by rewriting transition rules at runtime.

Independent Flow Steps

Independent and isolated flow steps make Glace applicable for building cross-module web flows, and allows to share flow sequences or individual steps through Grails plugins.

Familiar and Functional DSL

Glace plugin inherits Groovy paradigms, and is designed to help build web flows of any complexity on the basis of a few familiar concepts.

Grails Integration

Glace plugin is developed specifically for Grails Framework, and allows you to access and use framework-specific features directly from within the Glace DSL code.