is a resume management web service for employment agencies and consulting firms.

Personalized Resumes comes with a variety of design templates that make resumes look unique and professional. Every resume created with the service can be fully customized in order to emphasize personal achievements and capture the reader's attention.

Tracking Services

For agencies to keep track of all their hiring decisions and build efficient and flexible recruitment strategy, provides a number of tracking services, like Interactive interview schedule or Hire activity journal.

Feedback Assist

Transparent rating system with feedback forms is designed to collect useful information about both the interviewers and interviewees. This feature engages participants and allows them to develop and refine their profiles over time.

Billing System

Billing uses Recurly to create and manage payment plans, and includes all the necessary tools for simple and efficient administration and automation of the operations with user accounts.

Full Text Resume Search

Resume search engine is based on the Apache Lucene search library and ensures high-speed, full-text search of resumes by their content.

SysGears is not just an outsource shop I hired just to follow requirements documents and bang out reasonable product. They became a value-adding partner in my businesses because they challenge my ideas, create meaningful documentation and work plans, and put out robust, scalable software. When it comes to technology architecture and integration SysGears has been invaluable in researching solutions and creating efficient, robust, scalable technologies. Furthermore, I have never had to micromanage the team and communications have been consistently smooth. Finally, SysGears has consistently maintained a high level of integrity in business dealings. They do great work and its a pleasure to pay them for it. In fact, working on the project with them was such a positive experience I have already introduced them to other startup companies and have started to work with them to build my next platform.

Michael Simmons
California, USA