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AI-based Psychological Service

Mental health care and dream analysis app 

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the company

Our client's goal was to help people understand their subconsciousness and unlock the way to happiness and mental health. They decided to create an application to help users understand their dreams, release emotions, and relieve all the stress that could have gathered.

Looking for

a reliable partner

The client already had an initial version of the app and many ideas and plans for its enhancement and scaling. They could handle project management on their side and had the team covering some of the product development aspects, though they needed help developing their application. And that's where they came to SysGears.

What we offered


Backward compatibility

The app is constantly updated, new features are released, and other improvements are implemented while the application is in use with millions of users. Not all of them will update the app after each minor change, while all expect to get the services without any issues or inconveniences. Our development team ensured that all the updates would not affect the older versions of the app and that all the versions could interoperate seamlessly.

Chat GPT integration

The app uses an artificial intelligence engine to enable automated dream analysis for all users to get the images from their dreams explained in context, bringing the most value. Now they can describe their dream and get a complete interpretation instead of looking up each image separately, which boosts the depth of analysis. The client decided to use a third-party AI system as an engine, so our developers have integrated it and set it up.

Customer timezone management

The application automatically sends push notifications with reminders or updates for users. However, there are thousands of users in different time zones. Our developers offered to segment the users according to their time zones, which allows sending notifications at the most convenient time for each location. Such a solution helped to boost user engagement and make their interaction with the app even more pleasant.

On-the-go configuring

The client needed to frequently change some app settings to turn particular features on or off or change the app behavior. Our team enabled remote configuring so the client could manage the app anytime, and all the changes were available immediately without needing to redeploy the application. This solution made testing different hypotheses easier and provided users with the exact services they need.

Trouble-free localization

We've enabled easy localization, where the client could provide translations and other adapted data without redeploying the application, and the users could use the app from their location conveniently without reinstalling it. This solution allowed for covering a broader audience and ensuring the best experience for users worldwide while minimizing the development effort for localization.

Application scaling

When the number of users reached 10,000 a day, there was a need to scale the application horizontally. Some third-party APIs have certain restrictions, so our developers have configured the application to handle it and ensure a smooth and seamless user experience, even under high loads.









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