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Healthcare Ecosystem

Scala | Akka | Spray | MongoDB | Angular

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Healthcare Ecosystem is a B2B software platform that consists of a number of REST APIs written in Scala. The APIs are used by web and mobile clients to provide services in the healthcare industry.

Scalable Design

The RESTful services are written in Scala, and use MongoDB and Akka underneath the Spray-based HTTP layer for maximum performance and scalability.

Client Data Management

The client data management is carried out through a lightweight Grails and Angular application, which is designed to validate, transform, and import consumer information into the ecosystem.

Test Data Management

Test data management is available through a dedicated RESTful service. The service allows us to create and manipulate test data sets, and can be used with a Grails web client that provides QA engineers with direct access to the service.

Reporting Toolset

Reporting solutions for QA, marketing, and maintenance are based on Pentaho Reporting & ETL software, and custom Groovy scripts. Reports can be published to Geckoboard or exported to CSV files.

Email and SMS Integration

The API is integrated with Amazon SES, Mailgun, and Twilio SMS to send email and SMS notifications to the end consumers.

Continuous Integration and Stress Testing

Stress testing is performed with Gatling to assess system fault tolerance and determine the throughput. Integration tests for Continuous Integration are implemented with the Spock framework.