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A personable digital home loan platform

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the company

Domium helps people find the right loan opportunity to get the house of their dreams. The company supports their customers end to end in finding the most suitable mortgage option and obtaining a property.

Domium connects with various banks to ensure there’s a suitable opportunity for everyone. Moreover, the company provides a dedicated team to help every client deal with the complexity of home loans.

Looking for

a reliable partner

Domium came to SysGears after a few years on the market and right after they had proven their concept with basic automation.

As the company experienced growing demand, they decided to scale their product to satisfy an increasing number of clients and attract even more. To meet these goals, Domium was looking for a long-term partner with proven technical expertise and transparent processes.

We prepared a cost estimate and development roadmap to make resource consumption predictable for the client. After receiving documentation and meeting with our team, Domium chose SysGears to become their partner.

What we offered


Expanded development service

Our client was looking for a partner to cover frontend development, though our team also performed necessary adjustments on the back end, simultaneously learning the system from both sides. After the first version was released, our team took care of full-stack development, letting the client focus on higher-level decisions.

Quality assurance

As an integral part of development services, quality assurance was implemented from the earliest stages. All key system functionalities are covered with unit tests and checked after any changes are made in the system to ensure software quality and optimize the development process to achieve higher efficiency and resolve possible bugs at early stages.

Capacity adjustment

We focused on the business first rather than on the team’s capacity. In this way, we scaled the resources to ensure the required development speed. This allowed the client to allocate resources for other activities necessary for the product’s success, such as marketing.

Project Management

The client required professional assistance with establishing a workflow and cooperation following the Agile methodology. We onboarded a project manager at the beginning of collaboration to set up that process. After the team got on track, we reduced the participation of our project manager, though they are available to support the team and help solve any blocking issues.


We have kept working with the client after the release to adjust the platform to changes in laws, market fluctuations, and new partners that Domium continuously gets. We analyze the upcoming business needs and add new functionality, change existing features, and provide new integrations to enable business growth.





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