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the project

The client came to us with an idea to create a product that would allow freelancers to manage time and grow earnings while delivering high-quality services for their clients. They wanted to start slowly but had grand ambitions to make the product international.

Product idea

After thoroughly researching similar solutions, our client realized that no product satisfies all freelancers' needs in one place. Therefore, they decided to create a solution that would meet all the following demands:

Time efficiency

The perfect solution must allow freelancers to focus on providing better services and making income rather than wasting time managing different platforms.

Attracting clients

It is essential to represent the services in the best light and make them reachable to potential customers within a click to stand out and increase the chance of conversion.

Improving services

Freelancers should be able to make data-driven solutions towards improving their services to grow their income.

Looking for

a reliable partner

The client approached SysGears with this idea and decision within limited resources to build a viable, unique product to prove the project's profitability for future investments.

Upon understanding all clients' needs, our partner success manager suggested building an MVP of the system to enter the market in a shorter period with the functional solution and attract more investors for future scaling. 

The client found this approach reasonable and relied on us to build the product from the ground up. 

What we offered


Business analysis

To guarantee future success for the platform on the market, our Business Analysts ran a precise competitor analysis alongside the market analysis. They highlighted the most prominent features of the future product and divided them into an MVP scope and post-MVP. Such an approach allowed us to focus the effort and deliver the product faster, making it unique and attractive for freelancers and potential investors. 


The client already had a high-level vision of the platform design. Our designer took their idea and used best practices on the market to make the setup experience more intuitive and straightforward so freelancers can start the actual use of the platform fast and without hustle. Moreover, we focused on creating several layout options for the storefronts so freelancers can choose the one better representing their services for the clients. 


We started with setting up a modular system architecture to allow quick structure amendment, make the product scalable, and save clients' budgets from constant redevelopment in the future. Throughout the development phase, developers assured system responsiveness to allow users to reach the system from any device. We integrated the system with Stripe Connect and Google Calendars to provide a higher level of automation for regular freelancers' operations. We deployed the product to AWS Cloud Services to ensure scalability and reliability. 

Quality assurance

As soon as the core part of the product was developed, our Quality Assurance engineer created the Requirement Traceability Matrix to ensure full requirements coverage. We performed functional and nonfunctional system testing, paying attention to the essential qualities of the system, like the intuitiveness of the flows, usability on various devices, and overall product quality. The QA engineer ran regression testing after introducing each new functionality to ensure smooth user interaction and prevent possible malfunctions. 
















Ant Design

RTK Query


Optimized time management

We automated the event scheduling process to save freelancers from scattering attention between different platforms and manual settings, allowing them to focus on growing their services and attracting more clients. We allowed users to integrate a scheduling system with several Google Calendars to ensure efficient planning and prevent appointment overlapping.

Customizable service presentation 

We created an opportunity for freelancers to personalize their service pages. That allows them to choose a suitable layout to make the page more attractive for potential clients and sell their services better. They can also include feedback about the services done in their testimonials so potential clients can learn more about the quality of services. Alongside, we added an opportunity to create discount vouchers to attract more clients.   

Analytics for improvement

We developed a personal marketing hub where freelancers can analyze their activity, track their earnings to control their income and identify growth opportunities. The marketing hub also allows freelancers to track customers’ feedback to find their strong sides and potential drawbacks to make the service even better in the future. Detailed analytics enables freelancers to make data-driven decisions regarding their growth and improvement.

Enhanced diversity for future growth

We laid the groundwork for the future scalability of the product, providing an opportunity to expand it to different countries within different time zones. We enabled selecting the system language, choosing within various currencies, and handling time differences. This freedom will allow customers to choose among many quality services and for freelancers to broaden their horizons. 

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