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Code Hosting, Knowledge Sharing, and Talent Hiring Platform

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the project

Subspace is an open code hosting, knowledge sharing, and talent hiring platform for software developers to create world-class products and businesses to find the top talent.

What we offered


Place for Developing Software

The product offers a space for software engineers to collaborate, learn, and find work through one workflow that implements and seamlessly combines the features of GitHub, StackOverflow, and Upwork.

Skill Sharing and Reputation System

Subspace uses a community-driven voting system for open source software development to accept the most suitable solutions and simultaneously help developers compare and develop their skills and rating.

Talent Search and Evaluation

Businesses can find and hire proven developers, with specific skills validated by the community, to create new or augment existing teams while relying on the platform to facilitate the software development process.

Robust and Secure Code Hosting

The platform is tightly integrated with GitLab software and relies on a secure and independently deployed GitLab service to provide easy, fully featured code management, and highly available code hosting.

Quadratic Voting for Contributions

Contributions are accepted through the decentralized evaluation procedure with voting results visible in real time. The votes are weighted, queued, and processed by serverless AWS Lambda scripts before being saved to the Neptune graph database.

Real-Time Messaging

Users can discuss contributions on messaging boards that are implemented on top of the Mattermost online chat. Any member of a community or business can share knowledge, ask a question, and rate messages and comments.

Intuitive and Lightning-Fast UI

A web client created with React is designed to present all these complex features in the way that enables simple and natural user interaction. The client itself is snappy and fast which is achieved thanks to the GraphQL protocol implementation.





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