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Apollo Universal Starter Kit

A leading-edge framework for creating Universal JavaScript applications

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the project

Apollo Universal Starter Kit is a seed project and a toolset designed to help developers get a head start when creating GraphQL web clients, server APIs, and mobile apps using JavaScript and TypeScript.

What we offered


Universal Solution for Three Platforms

The starter kit provides a blueprint for building client, server, and mobile applications, and gives the possibility to reuse the code across all the supported platforms.

Fractal Modular Architecture

We implemented Apollo Universal Starter Kit relying on principles of the fractal, modular architecture to ensure that developers can build application modules that are easy to extend and maintain.

Improved Productivity

With live code reload, swift incremental builds, and a custom CLI for automatic module generation, creating projects on top of Apollo Universal Starter Kit is genuinely convenient.

Ready-To-Use Modules

Apollo Universal Starter Kit offers many common modules: authentication, authorization, state management, pagination, upload & download, mobile chat, contact us form, payments with Stripe, and posts & comments.

Production & Deployment Ready

Apollo Universal Starter Kit's client, server, and mobile applications are fully ready for deployment to let developers focus on implementing new features not on managing the environment.









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