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Create Apollo App

TypeScript | Apollo | GraphQL | Node.js | Express | React | React Native | Expo | SpinJS

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Create Apollo App is a command-line tool to help generate Apollo GraphQL applications using provided templates.

Latest Technologies

Create Apollo App generates web, server, and mobile projects using familiar technologies from the JavaScript ecosystem such as TypeScript, React, React Native, Expo, webpack, Node.js, Express, and Apollo (GraphQL).

Zero Project Configuration

Create Apollo App automatically configures TypeScript and webpack for any project using SpinJS.

Multiple Templates

Create Apollo App uses several fully configured templates from which developers can generate a web, server, mobile, web-server, server-mobile, or web-server-mobile project.

Projects with Maximal Code Reuse

Create Apollo App generates the projects that allow you limitless code re-use across all the platforms — web, server, mobile, or universal.