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New Silver

Full-cycle QA of a Real Estate Loan Service

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the project

Full-Cycle Quality Assurance of the New Silver product, a web service for real estate investors to simplify and finance property purchases in 39 US states

What we offered


Real Estate Loan Service

New Silver enables real estate investors to apply for financing to renovate and resell, buy a rental property, or fund new construction. The web service allows users to discover profitable investment options, calculate interest rates, determine eligibility, and get approved for suitable loan products.

Full-Cycle Quality Assurance

Our team implemented a comprehensive Quality Assurance strategy and a plan that enhances the established software development process, aids with meeting the product release and post-release goals, and ensures constant high product quality as it continues to change and grow.

Product Functional Testing

The New Silver loan calculator is a complex solution that takes into account a multitude of factors such as user data and existing market offers. We designed a specialized test suite that not only provides full test coverage, but also enables fast execution and easy future modifications.

User Experience Testing

Our team performed an in-depth post-release user experience testing to ensure the product UI accelerates sales and is easy to understand and navigate. We continuously analyzed user behaviour as new features were introduced, each time documenting issues and suggesting improvements.

Cross-Browser Cross-Device Testing

As new features were developed, we were conducting automated cross-platform and cross-browser testing to make sure the mobile application is supported on all current devices and the web service performs consistently throughout the most popular browsers preferred by 99.9% of the user base.

3rd-Party Integration Testing

New Silver integrated with third-party service APIs to gather and process information about the property market and available property options. We performed complete testing of integrations and verified that the product is resilient to third party service failures and remains stable in every scenario.


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