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Mobile app development for safety documentation management

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the company

The client has vast experience working in the chemical industry in the United States and has identified that documentation management takes a lot of time and effort. They came up with a service to handle all regulatory restrictions regarding documentation in one convenient application to allow users to focus on their job, not paperwork.



TotalSDS had already been working on its web solution for some time. They decided to expand the opportunities for their users and provide offline access to the needed documentation for convenient in-field work. For this purpose, the client needed to create a mobile application.

Considering the audience and their preferences, the app had specific requirements. It had to work with both iOS and Android platforms, so there was a need to outsource cross-platform app development.

Looking for

a reliable vendor

The client had their team working on a web solution and required help developing a mobile application. At this point, the CTO at TotalSDS recalled a vendor they’d worked with some years ago on another project – that was SysGears. We discussed the project, defined the team structure for efficient development, and immediately started the work.

What we offered


Functional design

The goal of the whole TotalSDS project is to simplify the work for users, that’s why our designer paid particular attention to the convenience, simplicity, and usability of the application. As a result, we’ve matched an intuitive experience with a neat interface for mobile and tablet devices.

Cross-platform app development

We’ve developed a cross-platform application using the same backend as for web service to allow users seamlessly use both clients depending on their needs and requirements. It took time for the TotalSDS development team to prepare their side, so we paused the development to let them finish their work and continued after a while.

Quality assurance

Our QA team worked on integration testing to ensure error-free work of our front and client’s back end sides. Moreover, they focused on cross-platform and cross-device testing, as there was a specific list of devices and OS versions where the app should work.

Project management

Our specialist set up all the processes according to Agile methodology and took responsibility for facilitating communication between our team and the client’s team to ensure the development fits into the limited budget and schedule.


After the development and testing, we released the application to Google Play Market and AppStore, ensuring all platform requirements were fulfilled. Now, the application is convenient for the audience to get and use.



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