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the project

Beer52 is the most popular craft beer club in the United Kingdom. The club offers hand-picked selections of the finest, unique beers from independent brewers.

What we offered


Flexible Billing Plans

Integration with the Stripe payments infrastructure assures a convenient and fast payment process, which provides beer lovers with a variety of flexible billing plans and a number of extra options.

Affiliate Program

Beer52 encourages users to engage their friends in exploring and discovering the world of craft beer, and ensures that club members can effortlessly invite their friends from Facebook, Google, and Yahoo.

Vouchers and Discounts

Being the No. 1 UK craft beer club, Beer52 issues and accepts various discount vouchers for customers of the deal-of-the-day companies, online magazines, and stores such as Groupon, Wired, and Jamie.

Tracking Services

To keep track of sales and promote exclusive products, the beer club is integrated with a large number of tracking and advertising services: Google Analytics, Google Remarketing, Facebook Pixel,, The Affiliate Gateway, and other services.





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