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Grails | PostgreSQL | Lucene

ticketscotland.png project preview is a travel and entertainment booking website that offers tickets for tours, attractions, festivals, and events that take place in Edinburgh and Scotland.

Booking Assist

Booking assist helps leisure travelers discover and reserve the best places to stay within desirable dates and locations in the peak season.

Event Search

Using event search, built with the Compass Search Engine, users can browse and compare the latest tourism and leisure activities in a fast and convenient way.

Deal Activity Tracking

Reporting system, that tracks the most popular offers, helps entertainment companies efficiently reach their customers and build effective sales strategies.

Event Promoting

Special offers and discounts, used together with advertising on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, allow leisure providers to promote new events and sell last minute deals.

Gift Vouchers

Leisure providers can create and sell gift vouchers and boost sales with the Go For Gifts system integrated into the application.