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CertifiedBy is a B2B platform for risk assessment, remediation, and certification for SMBs and audit companies

Risk Assessment

The platform offers a questionnaire engine for businesses to perform risk assessment covering regulatory, human resources, and security domains. The process is supported by an extensive knowledge library and actionable risk reports, and enables companies to make significant improvements to the business processes.

Assessment Program Builder

The program builder, available for managers and affiliated partners, automates creating components for new and existing risk assessment programs. It provides rich text editing features, includes a library of questionnaire components, and enables designing custom assessment rules.

Risk Assessment Reports

The reports created with Apache PDF contain actionable data, graphs, and charts representing the overall risk score as well as detailed results generated by every assessment program component. These reports are available for download as a PDF presentation at any stage of the assessment process.

Organization Management

The platform supports several membership plans, such as a single-user membership for small business owners, or an organization membership for larger entities. All businesses can grant and fine-tune privileges on a per-user basis to facilitate a custom risk assessment process that reflects their organizational structure.

Remediation & Audit

The audit module enables businesses that are not satisfied with their final risk score to opt in for the in-depth audit and receive a detailed review along with recommendations from the leading experts in various business sectors right in the platform.