Strangelings Auction House

The Strangelings Auction House is a part of Strangelings pet breeding game for iOS and the web. Here players can buy and sell their animals in a live auction setting for real US dollars.

Real-time Auction Solution

In the auction house, auction attendees are able to bid and buy/sell their pets in real-time. Safety of multi-threading calculations has been ensured by Scala back-end and MongoDB, instances of which are running on the StackMob cloud.

One Back-end for Mobile and Web

Using StackMob technology allowed us to share the database and the back-end instances between the Strangelings iOS and the web game applications, which made integration very easy and ensured high-speed performance.

Easy Money Transfers

All the payments made by auction attendees are cashed through PayPal Adaptive Payments API. Additional commissions and fees depend on the item sell price and are included using linked payments.

Live Messaging Service

The integrated live chat, that is powered by the PubNub real-time network, is designed to allow visitors to discuss auction lots and help auctioneers to broadcast notifications about important upcoming events.

Social Media Features

Players can share direct links to auctions on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus right from the lot pages. Also, to ensure a seamless user experience, social login is enabled for Facebook users.

Strangelings Auction House

The Strangelings is now in production and our customers very much enjoy playing Strangelings and selling their unique fantasy game pets for real cash on the Strangelings Auction House, which you can checkout at We hired SysGears to create our HTML5 Auction House and RESTful server endpoints in Scala because of their considerable programming expertise in Scala, Java, JavaScript and HTML5. Initially we gave them our requirements specs along with a high-level architecture. They proved very capable at software design and coding. They also were very professional, communicate effectively in English and were pleasant to work with. They successfully completed the project and we recommend them.

Hamilton Hitchings, Flying Monkey Interactive
San Francisco, USA