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Contact Center as a Service

Team augmentation for contact center web app development

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the project

Our client had an idea for a contact center application that will allow companies to manage internal and external calls and communications to maximize their efficiency and convenience and help businesses provide the best customer experience.

The web application allows users to manage all the contact-related services – like handling calls, messaging, and social media, managing customer relationships, and providing comprehensive analytics and reporting – in one place, making the work smooth and effective.

The client had an excellent idea and business vision, though needed some help with the technical side of the project.

Looking for

a reliable partner

The client has their own team working on the product development, though, at some point, they faced a need to augment it with more tech talents to reduce the time to market. That was the point where we met.

We started our partnership with one software engineer to cover specific tasks, and now we keep supporting the project with any needed resources.

What we offered


Backend development

We provided Scala software engineers to help with developing core product features out of high-level requirements. This included, for example, implementing functional nodes for the call service design tool, providing audio upload using a text-to-speech engine, or enabling billing by integrating the system with a third-party service provider. Our developers implemented basic quality assurance practices to guarantee solid results, prevent issues, and identify and fix any defects. Moreover, our specialists helped the client with onboarding new team members, configuring development and staging environments, and diving into the project logic.

QA audit

As a part of a larger distributed development team, our software engineers identified some gaps in the overall quality assurance processes on the project and highlighted the need to enhance them to increase the efficiency of development efforts and the quality of a final product. We conducted a thorough audit of the client’s quality assurance, prepared reports to provide comprehensible analytics, and suggested improvements with clear steps to achieve them. As a result, the client decided to engage a QA engineer to guarantee the increased quality of a product.

Quality assurance

We’ve onboarded a QA engineer to implement a new testing strategy. They started by retesting all the previously logged issues, covering the whole functionality of the system. As the new functionality was developed, our engineer prepared test documentation to ensure complete coverage and executed various types of testing to ensure both functional and non-functional adequacy. After each new functionality implementation, the QA specialist paid close attention to the regression testing to ensure no side issues were caused.

Project Management

At some point, the team was growing, and the client needed help with management and organization. Our project manager joined the team and started refining the processes to achieve better efficiency. The PM identified that the SCRUM wasn’t convenient enough, as the team members were taking tasks regardless of the sprint, and some changes were introduced to tasks even after sprint planning. They suggested implementing the Kanban approach and helped the team to adapt the workflow seamlessly. Such an approach helped to visualize the progress, distribute tasks conveniently, and minimize hustle for the delivery team.












Call service design

The system allows its clients to design their own call paths from pre-designed modules or nodes, from menu to audio playing to voice recordings, combining them in any appropriate order to fulfill the users’ needs. Integration with a text-to-speech engine allows Hubbub users to upload any audio from text files, which are automatically voiced and converted into audio files.

Pre-call data collecting

To enhance the experience of call center clients, there are automated voice forms that allow companies to collect and process all necessary data before connecting the client with a real person. The workers reach back to the clients with ready answers and solutions, minimizing the expectation time and maximizing the experience.

Costomer relationship management

Hubbub users can conveniently manage their calls and clients within a system to ensure they provide the best service to each client and get comprehensive statistics about their work. Moreover, for those companies that have their own internal CRM systems, there’s an integration opportunity that ensures data consistency and smooth workflow.

Data importing

The system allows users to import data from various sources and manage them from the same point. Thus, if the user needs to communicate with their clients via SMS, email, or even phone calls, they can manage all their internal and external communication from the Hubbub platform with the help of VoIP technology.

Convenient billing

As Hubbub is a contact center as a service application, it was important to provide an easy-to-use payment system. Thanks to the integration with Chargebee, the application allows Hubbub employees to invoice clients automatically, receive notifications about payments, and track earnings.

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