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the project

Hoolio is an online video fitness platform which provides its clients with individual workout experience.

What we offered


Free and Paid Services

Fitness enthusiasts can find a variety of free workout videos, or buy a premium plan and access professional workouts guided by famous fitness trainers. To support credit card payments and billing management, the platform relies on Stripe API.

Live Workout Sessions

Hoolio's Community Studio allows fitness enthusiasts to initiate, watch, and participate in non-stop 24/7 workouts by sharing each others' live web camera streams and effectively creating online gym sessions.

Integration with Kaltura

Hoolio keeps the workout videos on Kaltura. Videos are played by receiving a session from the Kaltura API and establishing a peer-to-peer connection for video playback.

Posture Cam

Posture Cam shows the stream from a personal web camera right next to a workout video – this allows users to see if they exercise correctly.

Personalized Workout Video Series

Hoolio automatically finds and recommends workout videos individually for each user. The platform takes into account previously watched videos as well as the user's lifestyle.

Smart Video Search

The workout video search is implemented with FoamTree. Videos can be found to match specific Mood, Aims, Physique, Duration, and the workout type.

Fitness Plans

Hoolio offers a collection of fitness plans with different goals, durations, and required fitness levels. Every fitness plan consists of a scheduled set of workouts that helps to reach planned goals in the most efficient way.

Weekly Goals

Users can track their week-to-week progress by checking whether the number of workout points meets their personal weekly goal, which is calculated automatically by Hoolio based on the previous activity of the user.



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