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Smart Mobility Platform

Data processing and analysis services for IoT ecosystems

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the company

For several decades now, our client has been offering cutting-edge B2B services and solutions in the domains of mobility, transportation, safety, and the environment.

To stay a leader in its sphere, the company has developed a smart mobility platform for processing and analyzing data from numerous IoT devices, such as cameras and sensors, to provide customizable services, including vehicle identification and registration, real-time monitoring of infrastructure and traffic, security control for public places and schools, tracking environmental metrics and access to low-emission zones for improving mobility and safety.

Goals and


Our client needed to increase the customization possibilities of their software product and enhance its efficiency and speed in processing and analyzing data from IoT devices to guarantee real-time monitoring and decision-making abilities.

The company already had a big cross-functional team but was looking for skilled web developers. So, they approached SysGears to enhance the software performance and add new functionalities required by their target audience.

What we offered


Microservice architecture

Our developers worked on the microservice architecture to enable the parallel processing of data streams from IoT devices. Each microservice can handle specific tasks asynchronously, allowing efficient resource utilization and reducing processing bottlenecks. It facilitates adding new customized modules without impacting the entire system and ensures faster deployment of updates and enhancements, making it a more flexible and high-performing solution.

Module development

Our experts developed new functional modules and integrated them with other services to fulfill the demand. They also customized existing modules to address unique challenges and opportunities within the audience’s operational workflows. They also implemented automated testing, monitoring, and version control practices to streamline module updates and bug fixes. After each module release, our specialists provided comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure the system's optimal performance, reliability, and security.

IoT ecosystem

Our team implemented scalable data processing pipelines to handle the large volumes of data generated by IoT devices. They also created a management system of IoT devices, including assessment levels. Moreover, our developers ensured the possibility of integration with third-party systems and enabled seamless data export and synchronization. During these processes, they paid particular attention to data security and integrity during data exchanges.

Technical documentation

As the project is large-scale and involves a big cross-functional team, it is crucial to ensure everyone is on the same page, facilitate onboarding new people, and guarantee maintainability. Therefore, our development team supported the development with comprehensive technical documentation outlining the system behavior and clarifying the data collection and detection process. Additionally, they created proper documentation to explain the feature flow and guide module usage to simplify integration into the audience’s workflows.




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