Pecunem is a service provider for reputable numismatic companies that sell rare coins and medals. Pecunem Perf is a web-based tool intended for testing the Pecunem online auction platform under high loads.

Open project

Push-only solution

Leveraging capabilities of the Atmosphere Framework for delivering info about lots to web clients allows us to significantly reduce the number of consumed sockets and therefore to enlarge the maximum number of users that can browse the site simultaneously.

Testing Atmosphere streams

Pecunem Perf testing tool allows us to open a number of Atmosphere connections using one of the four transport types - WebSockets, SSE, HTTP streaming, or long-polling. Data received from the server is analyzed and displayed in real-time.

Load testing with Gatling

Another module of the testing tool is built using Gatling and allows us to launch two different scenarios, together or separately, with a specified number of virtual users to simulate navigation through the site or competition in bidding for lots.

Response time metric

The two key modules of the testing tool work together to produce a response time metric which measures the average time elapsed between placing a bid by a user and the actual approval of the bid by the system.

SSH metric

SSH metric enables us to specify a command to be executed via SSH on the server under testing, which can track the number of opened sockets or the state of other system resources during the execution of test simulations.


Before we started working with SysGears, we were concerned that outsourcing our project would be risky and that communication could be difficult. On the contrary, we found that SysGears is competent, flexible, and has a culture of excellent and consistent communication — the perfect ingredients for successful collaboration.

A.J. Gatlin, Pecunem GmbH
Landshut, Germany