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Deal Cycle Automation

Redesign of a B2B sales management platform

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the project

Our client had an idea to help sales representatives of alternative energy solutions in the US market manage their deal cycle from first contact to final payment, ensuring a consistent customer journey and high satisfaction level.

Our client already had an MVP web application, which proved to be effective and demanded, but at some point, they realized it was time to move forward and make the application more appealing and even more helpful for the audience. Moreover, there was an idea to expand the service and cover sales processes for other industries.

Looking for

a reliable partner

There was a business and development team on the project, though they lacked a designer to ensure a consistent user experience and appealing interface. As it was a startup project, the client needed an expert that could cover all design tasks and process management, to keep the team nuclear. And that was the point where we started our partnership.

What we offered


UX enhancement

Our expert covered the redesign of the application, enhancing and simplifying the flows to make the experience comfortable and intuitive for users. They communicated closely with stakeholders to gather feedback and data and considered every user task and expectation.

New flow development

Extending the app included both adding new functionality for existing users and creating new experiences for users from other industries to benefit from the app. Our designer was creating and adding new user flows, ensuring a consistent application structure and minimal effort from the development side.

UI redesign

Our specialist created subtle but important application redesigns following the brand guidelines. This gave the interface a pleasant look while not distracting the users from their main tasks and helping them focus on productivity.

UI library

We also dedicated time to creating a component library to simplify and speed up the design and development process, boosting overall efficiency. The library is created based on one of the standard solutions with a high level of customization to feel native to the application.


Project dashboard

The web app enables monitoring the summary of all project activities, tasks, roles, and communication in one place so every step is under control. Moreover, it is possible to make updates to the progress right from the dashboard section to avoid long paths to completing the action.

Task management  

There are checklists that can be modified and applied to every project so that every necessary step is considered. Users can track the progress of tasks and add assignees to complete them, even if they are third-party service providers, like solar panel installers.

Integrated communication

Now sales representatives can hold their communication with clients directly from the application, which makes it easier to manage and track the responses with no risk of leaving someone without a reply. At the same time, the clients don’t need to register or take any extra action to get a better experience.

Finance management

The application is integrated with the banking system, so the billing is also managed from the system. Moreover, sales representatives can see all the accounting data of the project and track their own income based on bonuses from each project.

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