Static website building framework for Groovy

Grain is a wide-purpose static site generator, designed for websites of any complexity and structure. Grain utilizes the full power of Groovy for page templates and supports a variety of markups, everything you need to create a company website, a project documentation, or a personal blog.

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August 28, 2015

Added support of dynamic revision numbers, like 0.6.+. Concrete values still must be specified for the major and minor numbers of the Grain version, so the declarations like 0+, 0.+ or 0.6+ will not be accepted. This is done on purpose to ensure that Grain themes always use a compatible Grain version.

August 08, 2015

Updated the Asciidoctor component to read custom document processing attributes from the site configuration. Grain renders .adoc and .asciidoctor files with the help of the latest Asciidoctor Ruby gem, the Asciidoctor.convert method is used to convert the files to HTML5: