Static website building framework for Groovy

Grain is a lightweight and yet powerful static website generator for Groovy which purpose is to make demanding site implementation intuitive and enjoyable. Grain framework is equally well-suited for any static website, whether it is a complex and sophisticated company site or a simple and neat blog.

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March 25, 2014

SysGears team are glad to announce the release of Grain Plugin for Gradle. This plugin allows to manage Grain static websites using Gradle tasks, thus making it much easier to integrate your site with existing Gradle project.

March 05, 2014

Before giving you details on the release, our team would like to say a few words regarding the situation in our country, Ukraine. The last few months weren't like any others to us. During this time we have faced a riot, a revolution, and now we're facing a military intervention from the country that used to guarantee safety for our people. We'd like to say that despite all the circumstances, SysGears team as well as all the IT community of Ukraine continues to work in the same rhythm, showing the same responsibility and professionalism we have always shown.

SysGears team pleased to announce the release of Grain version 0.6.0. Grain is a general purpose static site generator which provides all the modern features and tools for generating any kind of HTML content: Markdown, RST and AsciiDoc markup rendering, page templates, dynamic content handling, resources compression and minification, code highlighting via Python Pygments and more.