Grain 0.5.0 Released

SysGears team is welcoming everyone to try Grain framework, open source static website generator for Groovy that provides extensible mechanisms for creating static sites of any type.

Grain in version 0.5.0 provides:

  • preview mode that allows to make and see changes on the fly
  • support of embedded Groovy code for content files
  • intuitive conventions that allow to process content using Groovy code
  • SASS/SCSS support
  • code highlighting via Pygments
  • content compression and minification

You can start exploring Grain by downloading Octopress theme. This Grain theme is great for bloggers and developers, has the same look and structure as original Octopress and provides similar content formatting features. The theme allows to set up a blog in literally no time, just make sure you have read the documentation first.

We are working hard on new themes and features, and greatly appreciate any contributions. If you have already tried Grain framework and created an excellent theme which you want to share, please, contact us to make it officially supported. This way we can help you to keep your theme up to date as new versions of Grain are released. We welcome any contributions to Grain itself, so if you know a way to make Grain better, follow us on Twitter and GitHub.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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