Grain 0.6.0 Released

SysGears team pleased to announce the release of Grain version 0.6.0. Grain is a general purpose static site generator which provides all the modern features and tools for generating any kind of HTML content: Markdown, RST and AsciiDoc markup rendering, page templates, dynamic content handling, resources compression and minification, code highlighting via Python Pygments and more.

Key Grain features and advantages are:

  1. Cross-platform interoperability: runs on Mac, Windows and Linux OS.
  2. Full-featured preview mode: instantly loads any changes made to a site content, configuration, templates and sources.
  3. Full control on a site content: Grain allows to dynamically create and customize site pages using Groovy code, thus making it possible to easily implement such features as pagination, navigation, sitemap, etc.
  4. Intelligent integration of the third party tools: Grain launches with all the features enabled out of the box regardless of user environment settings thanks to smooth integration with Java ports of Ruby and Python languages. However if there are native interpreters provided, Grain will use them for better performance.

You can find out more about Grain features from documentation and posts: Creating a custom website or theme with Grain and Creating paginated archives in Grain.

New features and major enhancements in Grain 0.6.0:

  • Integration with Python and Ruby is fully reworked. Now Python packages and Ruby gems are downloaded and used by Grain from Python package index and RubyGems repositories respectively. If there is Python interpreter installed in the system it will be used to execute downloaded packages, if not, Grain will fall back to Jython. The same approach is used for Ruby/JRuby
  • Dynamic rendering implemented, it enables to compose and render pages in memory, example:
    [source: '**Hello, Groovy**', markup: 'adoc'].render()

New markup languages:

  • reStructuredText via Python docutils
  • AsciiDoc via official asciidoc Ruby gem

Other Improvements:

  • Added ability to override page layout in resource mapper
  • Added default configuration for the most vital configuration settings
  • Added ability to preserve text blocks from processing by markup rendering processors

For full release notes please see project’s changelog.

In conclusion, we’d like to thank Grain contributors: Marshall Pierce and Eugene Janusov for help in preparing this release.

As always, we'd be grateful to hear feedback or questions on our mailing list, and we'd appreciate reporting about the issues as well as any contributions or suggestions that would help to make Grain better.

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