Grain Octopress Theme

This minimal and responsive Grain theme is based on Octopress appearance. It suits computer geeks who look to create a simple and neat blog site.

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How to

Start Blogging Right Away

Octopress theme out of the box provides all the necessary features and tools to instantly start blogging, implement custom pages and organize posts. Moreover, it offers the same site structure as original Octoperess to ensure simple and painless migration.

The latest version of the theme comes with:

  • various content formatting tools (see Tag Library section)
  • integration with social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, GitHub, etc.
  • atom web feed
Create Pages with Commands

The theme ships with a few handy commands that allow to create new pages and posts:

# adds "Portfolio" page to a blog
./grainw create-page "/portfolio" "Portfolio"
# adds new post
./grainw create-post "Post Sample"
Customize Your Site

Theme configuration settings allow to change a blog name, meta information, the number of posts per page, set news feed or sharing settings, and rearrange sidebar sections.

At this time, the theme ships with the next sidebar modules:

  • recent_posts - shows the latest posts
  • tweets - shows the most recent tweets
  • github - displays links to GitHub repositories
  • pinboard and delicious - show recent Pinboard and Delicious bookmarks
  • google_plus, facebook, twitter and instagram - render links to social networks
Use Tag Library

Theme's tag library provides content formatting features similar to Octopress plugins.

Currently, the following tags are available to use:

  • blockquote - renders a block quote with quote text, author and source
  • pullquote - renders a HTML5 + CSS pull quote
  • jsfiddle - downloads and embeds a jsFiddle iframe.
  • img - embeds an image into a page
  • gist - downloads and embeds a GitHub gist
  • raw - renders a Groovy code without interpreting.
  • video - embeds a HTML5 video encoded as mp4, ogv or webm
To find out how to open, preview and deploy the theme please read the documentation.