Grain Theme Template

Theme template is a starting point for creating custom Grain sites and new Grain themes. It provides all the necessary source and configuration files to help Groovy developers to build Grain themes from scratch.

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How to


Grain theme template comes with minimalistic configuration that will help you start developing a custom site right away, just define a few options that are specific to your site in the SiteConfig.groovy:

  • - site url, for instance:
  • features.highlight - code highlighter, set to pygments if you are planning to publish code samples

Additionally, you can speed up Grain by using system-installed Python and Ruby interpreters.


Grain Template provides smooth integration with GitHub pages and Amazon S3 services. To configure deployment:

  • for Amazon S3 - specify your S3 bucket name in the s3_bucket property, and set the deploy setting to deploy_s3
  • for GitHub Pages - specify path to your GitHub repository in the gh_pages_url property, for instance:{username}/{repo}.git

Besides, Grain v 0.5.1 and later supports custom deploy commands.

To find out how to open, preview and deploy the theme please read the documentation.