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  • SysGears is not just an outsource shop I hired just to follow requirements documents and bang out reasonable product. They became a value-adding partner in my businesses because they challenge my ideas, create meaningful documentation and work plans, and put out robust, scalable software. When it comes to technology architecture and integration SysGears has been invaluable in researching solutions and creating efficient, robust, scalable technologies. Furthermore, I have never had to micromanage the team and communications have been consistently smooth. Finally, SysGears has consistently maintained a high level of integrity in business dealings. They do great work and its a pleasure to pay them for it. In fact, working on the project with them was such a positive experience I have already introduced them to other startup companies and have started to work with them to build my next platform.

    California, USA
  • Over the last four years we have worked with Victor Vlasenko and his team on several major technology projects, all of which we consider extremely successful. The most recent of these is Victor and his team worked speedily and diligently to architect and implement our ideas in the fastest and most cost effective way practicable. Best of all, the code is clean and easy to maintain. Thanks SysGears!

    , Made Simple Ventures LLC
    New York, USA
  • The Strangelings is now in production and our customers very much enjoy playing Strangelings and selling their unique fantasy game pets for real cash on the Strangelings Auction House, which you can checkout at We hired SysGears to create our HTML5 Auction House and RESTful server endpoints in Scala because of their considerable programming expertise in Scala, Java, JavaScript and HTML5. Initially we gave them our requirements specs along with a high-level architecture. They proved very capable at software design and coding. They also were very professional, communicate effectively in English and were pleasant to work with. They successfully completed the project and we recommend them.

    , Flying Monkey Interactive
    San Francisco, USA
  • Happyinc needed to rapidly develop a custom content and e-commerce platform to target the large and growing online beauty market. SysGears were a fantastic partner who allowed us to deliver a complex software solution combining content, community and e-commerce. Working with SysGears allowed us to develop our application in a rapid and agile way to meet the changing needs of a startup.

    , Happyinc Ltd
    London, United Kingdom